Announcing NueMD 4.0

NueMD 4.0 is the latest update to our practice management and medical billing software. The update brings a modern look and feel to the system and allows smoother transactions between billers, doctors’ offices, payers and patients. In addition to the new look and feel, our primary focus is simplifying complicated business processes to help you streamline your workflow and raise reimbursements. (Think “See Patients. Get Paid.”)

We’re also keeping busy on the mobile front -- we’re currently testing multiple mobile applications, including a mobile EHR for Android and an application aimed at resolving claim denials (and staying HIPAA-compliant while you’re at it). More on mobile in the coming months.

I sat down with a few members of our product team to find out how each of them contributed to NueMD 4.0 and what aspects of the update they feel will be most beneficial to users.

Here's what they had to say:

Sean Ogawa, Associate Director of Product

Erin: “What was your role in creating 4.0?”
Sean: “I was the lead designer on 4.0 designing some features directly and providing oversight for all others.”
Erin: “What’s your favorite part about the new release?”
Sean: “My favorite part of the new release is the 4.0 re-skin, specifically our ability to add new themes while still maintaining the older ones and offering users their choice of looks.”

Jourdan Hardy, Product Manager/Designer

Erin: “What was your role in creating 4.0?”
Jourdan: “My main contributions to NueMD 4.0 were the look and feel and the Present on Admission (POA) indicators .”
Erin: “What’s your favorite part about the new release?”
Jourdan: “My favorite part about NueMD 4.0 has to be the new look and feel. It’s a huge improvement over the old look, from the icons to the color palette, it has truly brought a modern feel to our system.”

Andrew Sola, Product Manager/Designer

Erin: “What was your role in creating 4.0?”
A.J.: “I assisted in the look and feel update, Patient Portal enhancements, Claims Log transactions, and Patient Summary enhancements”
Erin: “What do you hope clients take away from the 4.0 update?”
A.J.: “Certainly a better user experience through the updated look and feel, but also the ease of use enhancements. The Patient Portal is also a new product line emerging that I believe clients can immediately see a benefit from, such as patient’s scheduling their own appointments or printing and completing required forms before their appointment. I envision the Patient Portal becoming a commonly used tool that not only improves process in the Doctor’s office but also engages patient’s in their healthcare experience.”

CEO Massoud Alibakhah also had this to say about the 4.0 update:

“We're focused on improving the efficiency of reimbursement, and it's from that perspective that we look at electronic health records. We believe that the right systems can be designed to improve the capture of clinical data and the efficiency of billing processes; and that's always the center goal for us. NueMD 4.0 represents a giant step in that direction."

"NueMD 4.0's new look and feel reflects all the changes and enhancements that have been going on for the last six years," said Alibakhsh. "These enhancements are mainly focused on simplifying complicated reimbursement processes, but at the same time, it sets the stage for our mobile strategy."

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Erin Jones

Marketing Intern

Erin Jones joined NueMD in June 2014 as a marketing intern and is responsible for content creation and online brand management.  When she's not working, she loves traveling and going for hikes with her dog Kona. She is currently a senior at Kennesaw State University and will graduate in December 2014 with a bachelor's degree in Medical Sociology.

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