Infographic: Do You Know the Top 10 HIPAA Violations?

Over the past week, we've discussed some of the most common HIPAA violations you should look out for. In the first blog post of this series we talked about lost and stolen devices, hacking, dishonesty, and the improper disposal of documents. To complete the series, our second blog covered more technical violations including how information is released, data encryption, and the overall security of records. 

To learn even more about the Top 10 HIPAA Violations, check out the infographic below!

Is Meaningful Use working? [infographic]

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Jason Karn is the Director of IT at Total HIPAA Compliance and has been active in HIPAA training since the inception of the 2013 HIPAA Rules. He is a co-author of all Total HIPAA 2.0 training for Agents and Brokers, Employers, BA/Subcontractors, Medical Providers and Dental Providers. He is a regular speaker, blogger and a significant Twitter influencer on all things HIPAA. Jason is also an accomplished opera singer and has performed across the US and Europe. Follow Jason on Twitter @TotalHIPAA.

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