How to Market Your Practice Tip #5

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Healthcare marketing doesn't have to be difficult. 

This article is fifth in a series of blog articles produced by NueMD focused on healthcare marketing. 

You've heard marketing your medical practice means more money, but you're busy providing patient care and navigating administrative burden. Luckily, medical marketing isn't a race. It's the small consistent strides that provide big returns down the line. 

Over the next 2 weeks, we'll continue to discuss important medical marketing tips for professionals who are understandably busy. 

How to Market Your Practice Tip #5 

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Harness the power of good, old-fashioned community outreach. 

Don't just do something to do it. Do it because you care about it.

–Stewart Gandolf, CEO of Healthcare Success

One of the best ways to increase awareness of your practice is to meet patients and other practitioners out in your community. By leaving the office, you increase your social reach dramatically. Patients are more likely to engage when they see that you support something that they care about. 

Support local community groups

We talked to Stewart Gandolf about community outreach. He told us he feels strongly about volunteering in the local sphere. The key is to find a cause or community event that you care about, he argues. People can tell when something is a genuine effort, so get involved with things you're passionate about. In the end, you'll enjoy it more too. 

Websites like Meetup help you search for community events and meetings in your area. Find people who you share a genuine interest with and support their journey. 

Utilize specialty-specific resources

If your practice belongs to a particular specialty, there may be specialty-specific communities or resources available to you. Websites like Psychology Today help mental health professionals start a local support group. 

Plan to attend workshops, conventions, and trade shows related to your specialty. 

Specialty Event Resources

Psychology American Psychological Association Events
Chiropractic American Chiropractic Association Seminars
Cardiology Local Heart Walks and Events 

Promote non-health related events

The majority of your community efforts will probably not be healthcare related. Sponsor a local school event, sports team, or nonprofit organization. This will help you connect with local community organizers and promote your practice in a socially conscious way. 

Websites like Volunteer Match offer sponsorship opportunities across thousands of nonprofits including churches, hospices, charities, hospitals, and schools. Volunteering locally is a great opportunity for your staff to work together. Find an event that everyone feels passionate about and turn it into a team-building exercise. Make sure everyone attends the event, especially the doctor. Be sure to have someone take pictures to post on social media or include in your next practice newsletter. Show patients how your practice gives back. 

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