NueMD Top Five - February 2018

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This is the NueMD Top Five

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HIPAA Privacy Experts Alarmed as Amazon Moves into Healthcare - 
Experts cite privacy and data concerns as retail giant, Amazon, announces plans to create an independent healthcare company for their employees.

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Virtual Reality, Smart Glasses, and More Health IT Gadgets at PyeongChang's Olympic Games - 
Olympic teams use the latest health technology to enhance performance, keep track of injuries, and stay warm during this year's winter games. 

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President Donald Trump Signs $400B Budget Deal, Secures Funding for Healthcare Programs - 
An overnight government shutdown ends after President Trump signs spending bill that includes funding for several major healthcare programs, such as the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). 

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Researchers Develop UV Lamp That Could Prevent the Spread of Influenza - 
Researchers develop an ultraviolet (UV) lamp that can kill microbes, bacteria, and viruses without the health hazards associated with conventional germicidal lamps. 

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New App Offers Patients Support During Chemotherapy - 
A new HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST-certified mobile app allows patients undergoing chemotherapy to better manage their care, symptoms, and side effects.

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BONUS: What We Love Video - 
For Valentine's Day, we asked team members to speak about an item from around their desk that they care about. From pictures to pups, here's a collection of stories about the things we love. Happy Valentine's Day from NueMD. 

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