NueMD Top Five - January 2018

Stay informed about the latest in healthcare news with these hand-picked articles from around the web. 
This is the NueMD Top Five. 

CMS Penalizes

CMS Penalizes 751 Hospitals over Patient Safety Issues -
Despite some progress in patient safety, 751 hospitals will face a cut in Medicare payments in 2018 due to high rates of hospital-acquired conditions. 

Sensors Analyze Gut

Researchers Use Ingestible Sensor to Analyze Gut Health -
Australian researchers are developing a one-inch long ingestible sensor that analyzes gases in the gut and sends real-time data to mobile devices. 


Cybercriminals Will Target Smaller Providers and Health IoT in 2018 -
Due to advancements in ransomware technology, experts predict cyberattackers will target smaller healthcare institutions and IoT devices in 2018. 

HHS Nominee

HHS Nominee Alex Azar Outlines Priorities at Senate Confirmation Hearing -
President Donald Trump's pick to head the U.S. Health and Human Services Department, Alex Azar, undergoes questioning at Senate confirmation. 

Flu Season
Flu Now Considered Epidemic as US Hospitalizations Rise -
The CDC warns the US of several more weeks of significant flu activity, as the disease is now considered to be an epidemic, based on its medical impact. 

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