Survey Background

HIPAA Compliance Survey Introduction

Odds are, if you're involved in the medical industry, you're familiar with HIPAA. It's one of the main government regulations that affects you every day. Originally signed into law in 1996, it outlines policies to protect sensitive patient data and penalties for those who don't comply. Over the last 20 years, the way we interact with patients and their data has evolved. And so has HIPAA — the recent updates have introduced several important changes that affect the responsibilities and liabilities of Covered Entities and Business Associates.

What We Did

We wanted to know just where our industry stands with HIPAA compliance, so we decided to go straight to the horse's mouth. Working with Porter Research and The Daniel Brown Law Group, we designed a questionnaire to gauge respondents' knowledge of HIPAA's Privacy and Security regulations, compliance measures, and communication methods. We reached out to medical practices and billing companies across all 50 states and asked for their input. All said and done, we got over 1,100 responses.

Total Responses - 1197

Business Type
  • Practices: 87% (1037)
  • Billing companies: 13% (160)
Practice Ownership
  • Owner: 47% (488)
  • Not owner: 53% (549)
Practice Size
  • 1-3 provider: 72% (713)
  • 4-10 provider: 17% (168)
  • 10+ provider: 11% (114)
Practice Role
  • Patient care (DO, MD, NP, RN, etc.): 51% (528)
  • Office manager: 17% (173)
  • Management / Administrators: 14% (146)
  • Biller: 8% (89)
  • Office / IT / Other Staff: 7% (74)
  • Other: 3% (27)

Why We Did It

You might have noticed some recent news surrounding the next round of HIPAA audits. These audits will be conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office for Civil Rights (OCR). They'll look for things like periodic risk analyses and proper documentation for policies and procedures. Unlike the first round of audits, round two will apply to both Covered Entities as well as Business Associates (medical billing companies, software vendors, etc.).

So when will these audits start? OCR could launch the program at any time. The audits were originally scheduled to begin in October 2014, but they're currently on hold while OCR makes updates to their web portal. Upon announcing the delay, OCR advised covered entities to use this time to "get your house in order." Our hope is that these results will help you do that.

What You'll Find Here

We wanted to go beyond just presenting the data. We analyzed the results, found the biggest areas of risk and potential improvement, and offered tips for achieving compliance. We also separated out practices vs. billing companies, so it's easy to see the results that help you most. Throughout the results, you'll find relevant video clips and links to helpful resources.

About Our Partners

Our partnerships with Porter Research and The Daniel Brown Law Group have allowed us to leverage decades of experience in HIPAA compliance and research and analysis to produce meaningful research that matters to you.

The Daniel Brown Law Group, LLC

The attorneys at the Daniel Brown Law Group specialize in transactional and regulatory healthcare law offering expertise in Stark, Anti-Kickback, HIPAA, Medicare Audits and Appeals and a variety of other compliance issues. They also advise clients on how to structure new healthcare service lines and mergers as well as consolidations and joint ventures.

Daniel B. Brown
Daniel B. Brown is an accomplished corporate and healthcare attorney who regularly advises clients on transactions and the legal and regulatory aspects associated with the operation and sale of heath care businesses. Dan is the founder and managing shareholder of The Daniel Brown Law Group, LLC, located in Atlanta, Georgia. More...

Sarah K. Browning
Sarah K. Browning is an associate attorney at The Daniel Brown Law Group, LLC. Mrs. Browning practices in all areas of healthcare law and devotes a substantial portion of her practice to transactional matters and compliance with federal and state health care regulations. More...

Porter Research

Porter Research, a Billian Inc. company, has more than 20 years of experience conducting research programs to provide knowledge-based analysis for a variety of healthcare clients. Their unparalleled expertise and proven methodologies help deliver unbiased results allowing their clients to make informed strategic business decisions.

Cynthia Porter
Cynthia Porter is an experienced healthcare technology executive with extensive knowledge in all sectors of the health care market – including payers, providers and suppliers. Ms. Porter has a proven track record for successfully advising clients on marketing and sales strategies including product positioning, lead generation, customer satisfaction and competitive intelligence. More...

Russell Green Jr.
A 13-year veteran of Porter Research, Russell Green Jr. is a dynamic and flexible business professional that excels in multiple roles within the Porter Research organization. Mr. Green has more than 15 years of progressive operational and managerial experience in the market research sector. He is responsible for planning, training and coordinating the operations and management of the Porter Analytical Research Team, while also serving as a Chief Project Consultant on all research projects. More...

Jason Pless
Jason Pless has been in healthcare marketing for 19 years, having recently joined Porter Research as a Market Research Analyst. For the past decade, Jason has been with Porter's corporate partner, Billian's HealthDATA, providing marketing and editorial research work covering 11 distinct segments of the provider-side of the healthcare industry. More...