Last year, NueMD conducted a survey of over 1,000 medical professionals to gauge industry attitudes toward HIPAA. We learned a lot, but the main take away was: there is A LOT of confusion surrounding HIPAA. What it takes to remain compliant isn't always clear, and with information scattered all over the web, it isn't always easy to find. We wanted to do something about it. So we partnered with industry experts to conduct a series of webinars on HIPAA compliance for small medical practices and billing companies.

About The Speakers

Daniel B. Brown Esq., of Taylor English Duma LLP, is an accomplished corporate and healthcare attorney who regularly advises clients on transactions and the legal and regulatory aspects associated with the operation and sale of heath care businesses.

Jason Karn is Director of Information Technology at Total HIPAA Compliance, and co-author of the HIPAA 2.0 for Agents and Brokers. He is a regular HIPAA blogger and a significant HIPAA Twitter influencer. Learn more at

About Our Partners

To conduct this webinar series, we reached out to Total HIPAA Compliance and Taylor English Duma LLP. By partnering with industry experts, we could provide the best content with the least amount of fluff.

Taylor English Duman LLP

The attorneys at the Taylor English Duma LLP specialize in transactional and regulatory healthcare law offering expertise in Stark, Anti-Kickback, HIPAA, Medicare Audits and Appeals and a variety of other compliance issues. They also advise clients on how to structure new healthcare service lines and mergers as well as consolidations and joint ventures.

Total HIPAA Compliance

Total HIPAA Compliance have been developing HIPAA training and compliance materials since 2003, specializing in HIPAA training and culture change management. They create multi-media training products by collaborating with prominent health law and business attorneys and e-health consultants, so the materials they offer are accurate and up-to-date.