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Nuesoft Technologies Launches NueSchool Initiative to Drive Product Enhancements

ATLANTA – Nuesoft Technologies Inc. today announced the launch of its NueSchool program – a new initiative designed to gather customer insight to help direct enhancements to its products.

NueSchool, an onsite learning tool for the Nuesoft product management team, involves staff members visiting clients’ offices to see first-hand the context in which health care professionals use NueMD® and the challenges they face. [cont...]

Nuesoft Technologies to Integrate with SynaMed EMR

ATLANTA – Nuesoft Technologies is proud to announce that SynaMed Inc. is the latest member of its Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Partnership Program. The two companies have joined forces to offer an integrated EMR and practice management product.

Nuesoft’s EMR Partnership Program is designed for medical practices seeking a customized, specialty-specific EMR. By interfacing its Internet-based NueMD®practice management product to leading EMR applications, Nuesoft is able to provide physicians with a best-of-breed solution. [cont...]

Spring Medical Systems Announces Strategic Partnership with Nuesoft Technologies to Streamline Clinical Processes and Enhance Patient Care

HOUSTON – Spring Medical Systems, a leading provider of software solutions for small- and medium-sized medical practices, announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with Nuesoft Technologies to provide an integrated electronic health records (EHR) and practice management system (PMS) for smaller practices. This tightly integrated and cost-effective EHR/PMS solution is one of the only systems to support Mac or Mac/Windows combination offices, and is the only solution for Linux platforms. [cont...]

Nuesoft Technologies Kicks Off EMR Partnership Program

ATLANTA - Nuesoft Technolgies, Inc. has launched an EMR Partnership Program to offer an integrated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and practice management product. AdvantaChart, Inc., an EMR provider specific to the Obstetrics and Gynecology specialty, marks the program's first participant. [cont...]