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Nuesoft Technologies Announces Scholarship Program for College Health Centers

ATLANTA – Nuesoft Technologies Inc. today announced its 15-year Anniversary Scholarship Program to grant $150,000 of its Nuesoft Xpress™ software to help college health and counseling centers automate their operations.

Nuesoft will award 10 grants of $15,000 through a competitive process. Recipients will be able to apply their grant toward a Nuesoft Xpress practice management system or electronic medical record (EMR). [cont...]

Nuesoft Technologies Unveils Referral and Reseller Initiative

ATLANTA – Nuesoft Technologies Inc. today announced its Authorized Agent Program, a new initiative to qualify resellers, agents, consultants, and other professionals who work with medical offices to distribute its NueMD® medical practice management systems. The program aims to maximize sales opportunities for motivated Agents while increasing sales channels to offer more convenience and options for customers. [cont...]