In Good Health Family Practice: A Case Study

Davis and her partner Dr. Pendley, M.D., determined that In Good Health needed to automate operations to get a better handle onpayments. In fall 2007 she led a search for a medical practice management software solution. Their goals were to:

  1. Improve In Good Health’s revenue cycle management as evidenced by:
  • A 15 - 20 percent decrease in Accounts/Receivable days.
  • A 30 percent decrease in rejected claims.
  1. Improve patient flow and allow providers to see an additional 5-10 patients/week.
  2. Provide a better view of the practice through more effective and conclusive reporting.

After looking at eight vendors, Davis decided on NueMD®, an Internet-based solution with appointment scheduling, advanced reporting, a collections, and sophisticated insurance claims processing.

“We had our sights set on an application service provider (ASP) so that we would not have to worry about maintaining a server, or handling backups and paying for ongoing software upgrades.  Of the systems we considered, we thought NueMD was very easy to use, and we really liked the idea of being able to access the system from any work station and to even be able to log in from home.”

--Laurie Davis

NueMD also stood out from the other systems because it’s delivered outside of a Web browser. This means it is more secure than browser-based systems because it avoids the public network of the World Wide Web, which is vulnerable to viruses and hackers. Plus, NueMD’s connection times are not limited by a browser, so it runs more quickly than its Web-based counterparts.

The Proof is in the Numbers

Revenue Cycle Management:

In a just a few months their Accounts Receivable cycle went from 49 days to 21 days – a decrease of 57%, dwarfing the original goal of 20%! The reduction was a result of NueMD alerting staff to outstanding balances when patients checked in, vastly improving collections. NueMD also helped overhaul billing practices, meaning more claims were passed cleanly to payers, and any problems during submission were immediately apparent. In Good Health reduced its denied claims by more than 50% in the first year of using NueMD.

Patient Flow:

NueMD also helped In Good Health get its scheduling back on track. NueMD schedules for multiple providers, clocks and tracks patient check-in times and keeps all insurance information readily available. This helped In Good Health better understand in-office visit times for patients and adjust its patient flow, so the practice could see 25 more patients a week (or five more each day) – more than double the original goal.


NueMD includes more than 70 reports that gave Davis a better understanding of the practice’s revenue. She could pull weekly and monthly reports at a moment’s notice, including a Cash Flow report, and data about receivables, collections and credit balance. This gave Davis a well-rounded view of everything happening at the practice, and it saved hundreds of man-hours of data entry. These new efficiencies convinced Davis and other staff members they made the right choice with NueMD. She remembers when a competing product came knocking on the door a year after In Good Health had implemented NueMD:

“They [competitor] had all kinds of promises about how making a switch would benefit our office, but when we started looking into it, NueMD offered more functionality at a significantly lower price point.”

With lower administrative time, and increased revenue and patient loads, Davis and her team haven’t looked back.

“Simply put, NueMD has made life at In Good Health much easier and less stressful.”


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