Dr. Jay DiVagno

Alpharetta Back and Neck Center

"The staff is very responsive to our requests both on the phone as well as email."

From managing patient flow to keeping a pulse on the financial health of his business, NueMD helps Dr. Jay DiVagno and his team run an amazingly efficient practice. 


My name is Dr. Jay DiVagno, I’m a chiropractor here in Alpharetta, GA. I’ve been practicing for 32 years. 

The software that we use is very important to our practice. It allows us to be prepared for what patients are scheduled that day so we can anticipate what our patients needs are. 

I use the reports for our business to see what the average ticket charge is with our patients. And with the clearinghouses it also helps to eliminate errors so that our claims are paid much faster as well. 

We have some impending inclement weather coming up and this way our staff will be able to have access to patient information should we need to reschedule patients. 

Fortunately, we had very good training. It does work out real well from a learning curve. And it seems to be user friendly, especially for staff who have not had a lot of experience with working computers and practice management software.

The staff is very responsive to our requests both on the phone as well as email. Speed of service is very important and as my staff has been told the healing process begins from the time they walk in the door and it has nothing to do with me per say. But it’s the whole experience that a patient has.