Nurse Practitioner, CHN Healthy Clinic

It’s been a great system for us, we’ve been teaching students to use it as well and they say the same thing because they’ve also used other systems that have been very difficult. 

Helping clients like Sheri Buckley of CHN Healthy Clinic improve their office workflow is why we created NueMD. We strive to make our clients’ lives easier by providing them with simple and easy-to-use tools to better their practice. Sheri believes in NueMD so much that she even trains her students on the software!  See what NueMD features make Sheri such a big fan in this video testimonial.


I’ve been an ICU nurse for over 20 years. Paper Charts & Amazing Charts and lots of others that didn’t work very well.

I do find it very easy to use. I like that you can click on all the different settings, and the HPI and the physical exam and review of systems. Before I’ve had to physically type in that information. So you have to know exactly what you want to say every time and it’s very time consuming and this is not. You have a lot of prompts there- make it very easy to use.