Mental or Behavioral

Administrative Director, Therapy Center of Buda

"We chose NueMD because of the affordability and because the documentation was very easy to understand and train." 

Providing care in a small town doesn't mean sacrificing quality. Deborah and her staff are building a healthier community with top quality treatment & support that kids and families need. See how NueMD is there to help them along the way.


One thing we really like about NueMD is the patient demographic can be easily updated. We can organize that information by the last time the patient was in. We can re-access or store the information, whichever we prefer with just one click. The information is always there, always accessible. 

We also like being able to put notes in the patient’s chart that the clinician can see the day they’re coming in so they know if the patient is running late, they know when the patient has arrived, they know what the situation is on a new evaluation. 

Office Manager, Dr. H. William Martin Jr.

"It’s really great with billing, it’s just so simple. The print-outs are really good; they give a lot of information to the patients about if they want to submit for insurance. It just makes everything really easy for me."

NueMD helps keep Elayne White, office manager and NueMD user, stress free so she can manage an efficient practice.  Elayne has worked with a number of different practice management systems throughout her career, but says NueMD is by far the best system she has ever used.  She touts the simplicity of managing and rescheduling patient appointments as one of her favorite NueMD features. 


I think you guys have pretty much everything under control that makes my job easier. I’ve been in and out of the medical industry for about 35 years. This is undoubtedly the best program I’ve ever used. It’s much more user-friendly than most places. There was so little, really for me to learn. I spoke to a few NueMD people and they really walked me through some things. 

Psychiatrist, Sandy Springs, GA

"Within 20 to 30 minutes, you get the system down. So it has really been very easy. Even when it’s been a while since I’ve added or deleted a patient, I can get my knowledge back fairly quickly." 

Dr. Bill Martin Jr. has been using NueMD in his practice for nearly a decade.  Efficiency and ease of use are just a few of the reasons that Dr. Martin has stuck with NueMD for so long.  Both he and his staff have found it invaluable to their practice.  Watch our latest video to see other reasons why Dr. Martin loves NueMD!


This guy that was seventy-five was a patient and he said “look at that, you are wearing a bracelet” and I said, "yeah!". He pulled up his pants and said, “I just got this tattoo”. We were comparing our modernness.