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Owner, The Vaz Clinic

"Because of the intuitive nature of NueMD, my wife who didn’t speak English learned NueMD very well."

Dr. Vaz's childhood dream was to become a physician. Today NueMD his helping him run a successful small practice by providing the best medical software for him and his staff. See why he chose NueMD. 


This was a childhood dream of mine to become a doctor. And this clinic we started five years ago, I’ve been in this community for over 21 years. And it has been growing exponentially.

Because of the intuitive nature of NueMD, my wife who didn’t speak English learned NueMD very well. Or I should say very well!

We deal with patients sometimes that don’t have their schedules together and so calling them and reminding them of their appointments has helped us tremendously in reducing our no-shows rates which means money in our pockets.

Chief Operations Officer, The Vaz Clinic

"Having a cloud-based system versus a server based? Let’s just say when the electricity goes out I’m still happy."

Andrea Garver's return to healthcare was driven by her desire to help patients. And with NueMD's intuitive design and ease of use she can complete tasks more efficiently and focus on what she loves most. See how we're helping Andrea and other small practices around the country. 


My move back into the health field was mainly inspired by patients and being able to have that interaction.

Having worked on previous systems before, they just weren’t user friendly. And NueMD is very user-friendly. Because of my background, my boss had felt that I was smart enough to just pick it up on my own.

It’s amazing. I mean, you go in and if I have a question I’ll look at the book and boom I have an answer.

Having a cloud-based system versus a server based? Let’s just say when the electricity goes out I’m still happy.

Administrative Director, Therapy Center of Buda

"We chose NueMD because of the affordability and because the documentation was very easy to understand and train." 

Providing care in a small town doesn't mean sacrificing quality. Deborah and her staff are building a healthier community with top quality treatment & support that kids and families need. See how NueMD is there to help them along the way.


One thing we really like about NueMD is the patient demographic can be easily updated. We can organize that information by the last time the patient was in. We can re-access or store the information, whichever we prefer with just one click. The information is always there, always accessible. 

We also like being able to put notes in the patient’s chart that the clinician can see the day they’re coming in so they know if the patient is running late, they know when the patient has arrived, they know what the situation is on a new evaluation. 

Physician, Podiatry Care of Georgia

“NueMD and Practice Fusion working together has been great!”

Dr. Rondrick Williamson practices at Podiatry Care of Georgia. Watch and see how Dr. Williamson uses NueMD and Practice Fusion to run an amazingly efficient clinic. 

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I love helping people. I travel almost every day to senior care facilities outside of doing television work as well. A lot of times patients in senior care facilities, their family members don’t even come and see them. So I try to do my part and bring a little bit of joy, a little bit of happiness to them. To see them smile just warms my face and lets me know that I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.

Billing Manager, Dacula Family Practice

"Another aspect of NueMD that greatly improves my day is the electronic ERA batches. Instead of spending two hours posting, you know, about fifty office visits, in five minutes I can post about fifty office visits."

Watch Ronda Najjar of Dacula Family Practice talk about how NueMD's medical billing software helps her run their practice from the comfort of her home.


My name is Ronda Najjar and I do all the billing for Dacula Family Practice. It's my husband's office. He is a family practice physician. 

When we opened the office seven years ago, I'd been a stay home mom for years with my four children. So I was not computer literate at all.  But it is so user friendly, I was able to just learn what I needed to; take over the billing, the filing of the claims.