Psychiatrist, Sandy Springs, GA

"We've had no issues for years and years and years... it's been very good is my point."

Dr. Bill Martin Jr. has been using NueMD in his practice for nearly a decade.  Efficiency and ease of use are just a few of the reasons that Dr. Martin has stuck with NueMD for so long.  Both he and his staff have found it invaluable to their practice.  Watch our latest video to see other reasons why Dr. Martin loves NueMD!


This guy that was seventy-five was a patient and he said “look at that, you are wearing a bracelet” and I said, "yeah!". He pulled up his pants and said, “I just got this tattoo”. We were comparing our modernness.

Office Manager, Mt. Vernon Family Medicine

"NueMD has really made us a lot more responsive to our patients."

Nothing makes us happier than seeing a client get excited about using NueMD!  Watch this short client testimonial video to see why Lynn Day, Office Manager from Mt. Vernon Family Medicine, loves using NueMD to manage her practice.


I’m not kidding when I say I love this software. I’ve talked this software up quite a bit because it is. To access the information remotely is so easy. If a patient needs me in the middle of the night, I can get up and go to my home computer and still access the software.  It looks the same as it does on my desktop here. It was very quick to learn how to use the software. Very little training software whatsoever.

Office Manager, Women's Wellness

"NueMD is the perfect system.  You don't need to be computer savvy to use it."

Marie Reid, office manager at Women’s Wellness in Marrieta, GA wanted a simple EHR and practice management system for her busy providers. NueMD’s ease of use and robust features let her practice focus more on patients and less on software. Watch the video and see why Marie thinks NueMD is the ‘perfect system’.


Nuesoft is the perfect system. You don’t need to be computer savvy to use the system. And a lot of our providers are not computer savvy. Already they are busy seeing patients. You want a system that you can just get to, the information is there. And Nuesoft customize the system for the provider. If you’re an ENT and I’m doing OBGYN, I don’t need to know about the ear, nose, and throat. I want to know about what goes on with the female system. And Nuesoft customize it, it’s there. You don’t need to run through a list to find what you want. It’s there.

Office Coordinator, Women's Wellness

"Best support and system ever!  And I'm really saying that from the heart.  It's a great system."

We are flattered and delighted by Kimar Dunn's enthusiasm for NueMD.  As office coordinator at Women's Wellness, an OBGYN located in Marietta, GA, she loves the workflow benefits the software provides.  The patient module lets her multitask, the claims module allows her to process claims quickly and the accessible reports help improve her practice's revenue stream.  We love you too, Kim!


If you are ever thinking about going to a new PM system, Nuesoft.  It does everything for you.